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August 2016 Treasure hunt

As an alternative to the usual ride out, August saw a treasure hunt take place and the weather was glorious! We all met up at Eccleshall Fire Station where Jon Cook presented everyone with a sheet which had directions and questions.

Most riders decided to work in pairs, either as pillion and rider, or as two separate riders. Each pair were set off at three minute intervals and let loose into the Staffordshire countryside.

Following the directions precisely was paramount to being successful , as there were a few devious clues. The riders went from Eccleshall to Barlaston, then up to Mier Heath, into Hilderstone and on to Sandon. Then back and on to Millwich, then down some narrow lanes to Leigh, and finally into Tean, where everyone met up for a BBQ .

An excellent spread of food was prepared by Irene and Dave , and everyone had a great time. Finally, the results were announced, First for the person with the correct/closest mileage…. Well done to Lorraine and Richard! The mileage Booby prize went to Arthur for not entering a mileage!!

Gary and Gill won the prize for the most correct answers, with full marks, (and they found the boat). Last, but by no means least Fiona received the prize for the lowest score. ( funny how Simon managed a higher score???, perhaps a bit of scullduggery there?? )

A thoroughly excellent way to spend a sunny Sunday!!

· Thanks to Simon for organising the event!

· Massive thanks to Irene and Dave for the food, you excelled yourselves!

· And finally a big thanks to the brothers Grimm ( Jon and Edward) for setting the course.

Looking forward to the next one.

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