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Ride-out types and eligibility


Social ride-outs

  • Social ride-outs are open to all members and non-members

  • All riders must hold a full UK motorcycle license and riders must be fully insured for the machine they are riding

  • All machines ridden on club rides/events must be fully road legal

  • Non-members are limited to 3 rides in total

  • Some social rides take place on the same day as a graded rides but the 2 groups travel separately. 


Graded rider days

  • Open to graded members only

  • Open to non-members by specific invitation from the committee


Slow riding days, training days, club holiday rides and other 'closed to club' events are open to members and non-members by specific invitation from the committee. 


The definition of a member is a graded or non-graded person who has paid their yearly membership fee. Lapsed members are classed as non-members and therefore have the same limitations placed upon them as non-members. A non-graded rider is one who has not yet attained one of ROSPA’s grades (Gold, Silver or Bronze).


Dates and times

  • Ride-outs take place on the 1st Sunday of the month setting off from Stafford's McDonald's  carpark. Stone Rd, Eccleshall Rd, Stafford ST16 2RA.

  • W.C. Facilities are also available

  • Riders should arrive at meeting point 30 minutes before the departure time and ensure that they have a full tank of fuel.

  • There will be fuel and café stops but you should be prepared to be out all day

  • Winter Rides (November to March) - Arrive 0930 for briefing and 1000 departure

  • Summer Rides (April to October) - Arrive 0900 for briefing and 0930 departure

  • Club members or guests will not be able to take part in any event without full appropriate  motorcycle gear. includes trousers, jacket, boots, helmet and gloves to road legal standards. ( this is also at the Lead rider discretion.) 

Ride-Out dates for 2024. 

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