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How it works.


Your membership joining fee also includes the cost of the 3 books you will require, Motorcycle Roadcraft, The Highway Code, and The Book of Road signs, unless you already have up to date copies.


Once you have joined you will be assessed by the Club’s Senior Tutor, in order to understand your training requirements. This will then be followed by tutorials from the club’s tutors. These usually take place at the weekends, and will be organised by the Training Coordinator. They are conducted on a one to one basis, and last approximately a couple of hours.

Please wear recognised protective motorcycle gear. includes trousers, jacket, boots, helmet and gloves to road legal standards as the trainers will refuse to train you unless you are...


Every so often you will go out with the Senior Tutor, so that your progress can be checked.


Once your Tutor thinks you are ready for your test, you will have a final assessment from the Senior Tutor, before applying for the test itself.


Finally, your test day will arrive and, all being well you will attain one of ROSPA’s grades (Gold, Silver or Bronze).


As well as the training sessions, you will be expected to study the three books, and also to practice what you have been learning, on days when you are not training.


Every so often we will hold a group classroom based seminar, where the theory is discussed, sometimes this is in-house, sometimes we will have a guest speaker.


Practicing slow riding is also part of the program, and we hold these skills days in private areas away from public traffic, allowing you to gain the expertise and experience in a safe environment..

Remember to wear full motorcycle clothing and enjoy the ride. 

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