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The following is from ROSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders’ website:


What is advanced riding?

  • It is a deliberate, skillful and responsible riding technique admired by others. As an advanced rider, you are able to anticipate and control situations to reduce your accident risk. 

  • An Advanced rider is equipped with the knowledge and skill to ride safely and effectively in all conditions.

  • Advanced Riding is based upon the ' System of motorcycle control' as detailed in Motorcycle Roadcraft - The Police Riders Handbook. 

  • It is unlikely that anyone will gain a high grade without a good knowledge of the current editions of The Highway Code and Motorcycle Roadcraft.


“Unlike car drivers who can rely on in-car protection in a crash, the only thing that really keeps us safe on two wheels is what's between our ears, our knowledge, our skills and the attitudes we take with us out onto the road. You may think that you are good but the really good rider is the one that admits that they can never afford to stop learning.” - Suzi Perry, 2007

  • Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of having a crash

  • Advanced drivers and riders have been proven less likely to be involved in a road traffic incident!

  • Improved Fuel Consumption

  • Advanced driving and riding techniques teach you the most cost effective way to drive, to keep fuel consumption to a minimum!

  • Less wear and tear to your vehicle

  • By using the ' system of car or motorcycle control' techniques, your driving or riding will be smoother, resulting in less wear and tear!

  • Access to exclusive ROSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders benefits

  • We  (ROSPA) have a range of benefits for members who pass our test, including insurance discounts.

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