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Biker Down Training

A number of Staffordshire Advanced Rider tutors, trainees and prospective trainees recently attended the official launch of the Staffordshire Biker Down training courses.

The event was kindly supported DMC Moto Ducati Stoke. The courses are delivered by members of the DocBike team, who are all emergency services professionals. Designed specifically for motorcycle riders & pillions, it aims to prepare you to be able to deal safely and effectively with road traffic collision situations. From scene management, casualty care, life preserving skills and casualty handover to emergency services. There are practical sessions involving safe helmet removal, CPR and use of Defibrillators. There is excellent advice on how to identify risks and make yourself a safer rider. Whilst motorcycles make up only 1% of the traffic on our local roads, they are involved in 30% of all traffic collisions which result in people being killed or seriously injured. Learning about these important life skills is a must for all motorcyclists. Staffordshire Advanced Riders would encourage all riders and pillions to get involved and sign up for one of their events. For future information and booking Please contact: Follow us on Twitter @BikerDownStaffs

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